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How to Manage Type 1 Diabetes – Method 2, Part 2

Method 2: Lifestyle change – Part 2 Keep your body clean. Personal hygiene is very important for people with Type 1 diabetes, let alone hygiene associated with teeth, skin, and feet. If an infection occurs in this section, you should increase the need for insulin so that the dose should also be adjusted. However, you […]

How to Manage Type 1 Diabetes – Method 2, Part 1

Method 2: Lifestyle change – Part 1 Understand the importance of precautions. Being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes is difficult to accept, but if you are trying to take preventive actions (even if it has been diagnosed), you can live a pretty normal life. There is nothing that can prevent Type 1 diabetes from developing, […]

How to Manage Type 1 Diabetes – Method 1, Part 3

Method 1: Insulin Therapy – Part 3 Know how and when to monitor blood glucose levels. Frequent self-monitoring is an optimal form of diabetes control. People with Type 1 diabetes should know how to self-monitor and record blood glucose levels at home using glucose monitor to adjust the required insulin dose. Discuss this with your […]

How to Manage Type 1 Diabetes – Method 1, Part 2

Method 1: Insulin Therapy – Part 2 Knowing the complications caused by insulin therapy. Consult a professional before you use any of these medications. Using the wrong type of insulin at the wrong time can lead to severe complications. The use of insulin has the following risks: Problems occur when blood glucose falls below 54 […]

How to Manage Type 1 Diabetes – Method 1, Part 1

Type 1 diabetes Diabetes adolescent or Type 1 diabetes, currently popularly known as Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (IDDM), is a condition when the pancreas no longer produces insulin. The body needs insulin because it regulates the amount of glucose in the blood and helps deliver glucose to the body’s cells to convert to energy. If […]

How to Identify Symptoms of Diabetes – Part 3

Method 3: Diagnose Gestational Diabetes Learn about gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes occurs only in pregnant women. During pregnancy, the female body increases the production of certain hormones and nutrients that can cause insulin resistance. As a result, the pancreas increases the production of insulin. Often, the increase in insulin makes the mother’s blood sugar level […]

How to Identify Symptoms of Diabetes – Part 2

Method 2: Diagnose Type 2 Diabetes Learn about type 2 diabetes Type 2 diabetes, also known as the adult or insulin-dependent diabetes, occurs most often in adults aged 40 years and over because the body is immune to the effects of insulin or the body no longer produces enough Insulin to be able to control […]

How to Identify Symptoms of Diabetes – Part 1

According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) more than 29 million Americans have been diagnosed with diabetes. Diabetes is a condition that occurs when the body stops producing the hormone insulin naturally. Insulin alters the sugar, or glucose, that we consume into energy. The energy derived from glucose is required by all cells, in […]

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