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Overcoming Gestational Diabetes – Method 2

Method 2: Supplements


You should drink multivitamins because they are in rich minerals, especially irons. Pregnancy requires more minerals and vitamins than food supplements. Lack of vitamin D’s are associated with an increase in risk of the gestational diabetes. Check your vitamin D levels frequently and take supplements if the results indicate that it is low. The amount of the important vitamin D that is safe for pregnant women is 1,000 to 2,000 IU.




It is a natural hormone produced by our body used for replacement treatment. It is also widely used as a natural treatment. You may need insulin injections to insert glucose into the body cells. The doctor will guide you in the dosage of insulin required and how to properly handle insulin.

  • Never use insulin without consulting a physician.



Traditional Remedies and Supplements

Do NOT use supplements or herbal remedies without consulting a doctor. In the market are several supplements and herbs for controlling blood sugar levels that are perfectly safe to be consumed during pregnancy. However, always consult a doctor or other certified professionals before consuming herbs even though it claims that it is safe for pregnant woman. This is mainly because many herbal benefits for pregnant women are not tested.

  • The miracle fruit, with the scientific name Gymnema sylvestre, is often recommended to diabetes patients as a control for their blood sugar levels, but it is highly associated with miscarriage and prove to trigger miscarriage in animals. It should be avoided by a pregnant woman.
  • Some suggest that Gymnema is safely used until the period of 20 months of pregnancy. Gymnema is often used in doses as much as 200 mg twice each day.
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