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Lower Blood Sugar Levels with Diet – Method 3

Method 3: Handling Type 2 Diabetes

Monitor blood glucose levels

Discuss with the doctor to determine the monitoring cycle and frequency. Depending on the treatment plan, the doctor may advise you to test and record blood glucose levels several times a day or every week.



Pay attention

Pay attention to the pattern of blood glucose fluctuations, time and reason. If you have diabetes, even if you follow a strict diet and reduce the intake of edible sugar, blood glucose levels may change without a sign or notification.

  • Blood glucose concentration within the two hours after a meal will be an upward trend.
  • Long-term adherence to physical exercise helps to lower blood sugar levels, and will your body of glucose from the blood transferred to the cell.
  • Women’s menstrual cycle easily lead to fluctuations in hormonal and blood glucose levels.
  • Almost all drugs will affect blood sugar levels. Therefore, before taking the new drug must first discuss with the doctor.



Maintain a healthy diet

Although it is not possible to treat diabetes with a particular diet, the concept is to have a diet that is high in fiber, low-fat, and contain tons of vitamins and minerals. A few good examples would be fruits, vegetables, and coarse grains.

Also, it is important to lower the consumption of animal products, simple carbohydrates, and artificial sweetener.




Type 2 diabetes patients should try their best to carry out 30 minutes session of physical activity every day. However, be sure to consult with your doctor and specialist before introducing a new exercise routine into your program.

  • Choose a sport you enjoy, so you will be more likely to stick to it.
  • Consult a doctor to determine which type of exercise is good for you; and what type of exercise should be reduced.
  • Ask your doctor to check if your body can handle you planned workout routine. Do not push yourself too hard till your body can’t take it.
  • Always take precaution, bring medicines along with simple instructions on how to use them in your work out bag, in case of the unexpected.
  • Try to find a partner that understands your situation to workout with you. Working out alone can be dangerous for people with diabetes.
  • Understand the risk of what you are doing.



Handle Pressure the right way

Eliminating all pressure is unachievable. There will always be pressure, it is inevitable. How you handle pressure is very important, the accumulation of pressure for an extended period will produce anti-insulin hormones.

  • You can use various methods such as meditation and yoga to relieve stress and pressure.
  • Avoid relying on pills and chemical substances to release pressure.
  • Prefer the natural way rather than the chemical way.
  • Learn to better manage your time and avoid stress by anxious completion.



Consult your doctor for major changes

Discuss with the doctor to decide whether or not medication is needed. Some doctors believe that only by diet and exercise to treat type 2 diabetes, but there are some doctors would recommend the use drugs or insulin therapy.

  • Many doctors recommend patients with diabetes drugs, by changing the diet, exercise more often and live a better lifestyle. All for the sake of improving the body’s sensitivity to insulin and blood sugar level.
  • You can control the blood glucose concentration throughout the day by injecting insulin. The injection can be done at home.
  • Be sure to discuss the pros and cons of the various treatments with your doctor.
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