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How to Reduce Blood Sugar Level with Diet – Method 1, Part 1


High blood sugar level can cause many health related problems. Most often, this will lead to diabetes, especially for people who come from a family with a history of diabetes. Diabetes should be monitored carefully especially from their diet to prevent their blood sugar level from becoming too high or too low. People who have a hereditary diabetes gene can maintain their blood sugar levels low by being careful and taking caution with their diets, and lower the risk of need for medical treatment.


When diagnosed as a diabetic patient, regardless of the type, know that it is dangerous for you to assume that exercise and diet are enough to regulate your blood sugar. If you are highly disciplined, then your doctor may agree with minimal medical action. Under normal circumstances, patients are not advised to take full responsibility for regulating his blood sugar only by exercise and diet.



Method 1: Eat real food

Choose to eat healthy carbohydrates

Almost all foods are converted to blood sugar and used to help our body produce energy, the concept is to stay away from food that processes fast. Sugar and starch (commonly found in bread, corn starch, and many more foods) finishes the process rather quickly and by all means should be avoided when possible. Fruits, whole grains, vegetables, and the usual amount of low-fat dairy products are on the other hand processes slowly. They are great source of energy for almost everybody, especially those who needs to avoid high blood sugar level.

  • Low fat does not always mean low calories; remember to read the list of raw materials.
  • Wholesome whole grains include oats, barley, kamut, wheat, and brown rice.
  • Cereals and bread healthy provided they get rid of high fats and sugar. Try to choose cereals and bread that contain no more than 450mg per 100mg of salt.
  • Eat carbohydrates every meal but with reasonable amount.
  • Eat protein as well. Protein is great for you, and sometimes helps calm the spike in blood sugar.



Eat fiber

Fiber helps clean your system. Soluble fiber (see below) can help control your blood sugar levels. Vegetables are rich in fiber, especially green ones. Many fruits and nuts are rich in fiber as well, such as whole grain products as well.

  • Soluble fiber is crucial to help maintain a healthy body. These are found in foods such as nuts, oats, beans, and whole grains.
  • Flax seeds, they are a great source of quality fiber and are useful for maintaining blood sugar balance. Milled two tablespoons of flax seed with 10once of plain water and consume it every morning to get the best of it.




Fish are very high in protein, and they do not affect the blood sugar level as much as nutrients such as the carbohydrates. Fish also have lower cholesterol and fat than poultry. Fish such as salmon, herring, mackerel, are rich in omega-3 fats, which will send fat known as triglycerides that help improve overall health. Try to avoid fish with high mercury, like swordfish.

  • Other healthy and simple sources of protein are seeds, nuts, legumes, turkey, and chicken. You may be considering a protein drink with a sugar content of no more than 5g.





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