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How to Reduce A1C Levels? – Method 4

Method 4: Visit your Health Service Provider regularly

Make appointments with your doctor

Attend every doctor’s appointment from the health care provider because only they can ensure your health status.

Healthcare providers will assist in monitoring A1C and blood glucose levels, as well as provide the care needed to help handle and improve the diabetes problem.

  • A1C test results can be used to interpret many things. It could be used to forecast medical situation and diagnose illness. It is best to have a medically trained doctor to help you interpreting your A1C test results. As much as Google knows a thing or two, a doctor is still more reliable than a search engine when it comes to determining the right move to make. In short, let the doctor do their job, trust them. After all, they’ve gone through years of medical studies.
  • Each appointment to see the doctors is very important, because at that particular date in time could be the time to run some test on your health. Changing the schedule in your own accord can lead to a test results long overdue. Discuss your appointment date with your doctor that is good for both of you, and follow the schedule closely.
  • Always inform your doctor when there needs to change the appointment. Work together with the doctor to find a time that is suitable for both of you. This way, adequate changes can be made to ensure the benefits of the patient.




Remember to take all medications prescribed according to the instructions given by your doctor to help manage and control your diabetes. Negligence in taking prescribed medications can trigger high blood sugar and A1C levels, and in some cases can even lead to hospitalization or exacerbation of the disease.

  • Do not carelessly consume any medicine that is not approved by your doctor. Medicine can be very dangerous when consumed wrongly.
  • Never ever trust the packaging of a medicine from an unreliable source. Some unreliable medicine might have unrealistic promise printed on the packaging, stating that when you consume them, you’ll be able to get a list of benefits.
  • Always ask your doctor about the medicine you plan to consume, they might have some hidden side effects that you do not want.
  • Each medicine is made specifically for a special group of people. When the wrong group of people consumes the wrong medicine, it could surmount to horrible side effects. Be careful not to consume the wrong medication. Especially for pregnant women, there is a wide range of medication that should be refrained from taking it. They might cause miscarriage, or harm both the mother and baby.
  • Take your medication exactly the way your doctor tells you to. They are well trained with medical knowledge. They know what is best for you and your situation. Do not try to outsmart them in any possible way.
  • Take note of the dosage of the medication you are supposed to consume. Overdose is a major issue today, some medication needs to be taken at the exact dosage or there will be unwanted outcome.
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