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How to Reduce A1C Levels? – Method 2

Method 2: Exercise Often

Undergo physical activity for 30 minutes each day.

Physical activity can naturally lower blood glucose levels, improve cardiovascular health, boost energy level, and contribute to weight loss. At the same time, diabetic patients who often exercise will have better control on their blood glucose levels. It also shows a better A1C levels.

  • You do not have to jump right into 30 minutes of high intensity workout immediately. What you can do is to start of slow, take one step at a time. For example, what you can do is start working out 10 minutes a day, at a moderate pace. From there you can slowly increase your workout time and intensity. Whenever you feel comfortable to go further, set the bar a little bit higher than before. It is also very important to know the danger of pushing yourself over the limit of your body, it could be really dangerous.
  • Consult a doctor about your plans to include more physical activities into your lifestyle. Know what exercise is best suited for you. Before you start exercising, make sure your doctor knows about it and give you a green pass.
  • If possible, find a partner they can help you in case of an emergency situation. It is never bad to be too careful.



Combine anaerobic and aerobic activities in your workout routine.

Aerobic exercise like swimming and walking will automatically lower blood glucose levels while anaerobic exercise like weight training can raise your blood glucose levels for a while. Over a period of time, both Aerobic and Anaerobic exercise will help to lower the A1C levels.

  • It is hard to exaggerate the advantages of aerobic exercise. It enhances general wellbeing and personal satisfaction, hence, a better life. Oxygen consuming activity consumes fat, enhances state of mind, fortifies the heart and lungs and reduces danger of diabetes.
  • Anaerobic exercise enables work to slender bulk. Calories are singed all the more productively in bodies that have more muscle. Anaerobic exercise is particularly useful for weight administration in that it consumes more calories even if a body is very still. Anaerobic exercise can help fabricate perseverance and wellness levels.



Increase physical activities

An active life, will improve A1C level.

  • A good way to increase physical activity is by choosing a ladder instead of an escalator.
  • Whenever the opportunity arises, do it. Walk to nearby store rather than by car. Not only does it help you to maintain a healthy body, it also helps you save money on fuel.
  • Intentionally park further than usual. This way, you’ll be forced to walk the extra mile. The small additional distance might not seem like much today, but it will add up to something greater. Every small steps counts.
  • Make your own meals. Move around the kitchen, preparing your favorite dish requires a lot of movement and work done, but it can be really fun and enjoyable. In most cases, individuals don’t feel tired after making a meal from scratch, especially for themselves.
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