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How to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes? – Part 5

Emotional causes

Consider going to a psychologist if you have a basic emotional problem that causes you to eat too much or eat unhealthily.



Late night snacks

Ask a physician how to lower your blood sugar and insulin needs during sleep (day or night): do not eat heavy meals/foods before bedtime, only take light meals or small snacks. Take note of nutrients that are harmful to your body 2 or 3 hours before bedtime, drink only plain water (not alcohol, caffeine or other stimulants ). Know that the food would not be gone if you don’t finish it today and that it will still be sitting nicely in the fridge tomorrow, patiently waiting for you.

  • If you are taking insulin or other diabetic medications and feel that you should “eat snacks” before going to bed to prevent low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) at night, ask your doctor on how to “prevent” excessive insulin? Discuss on how to adjust the dosage of the drug so that there is no need for late night snacks that are bad for your body and diet plan.
  • When hungry after dinner, feel free to check out the snacks you can eat before sleep. These snacks contain little to none, carbohydrates, and calories, so eating an appropriate portion of them will not cause weight gain or increased blood sugar levels.
    • Celery leaves,
    • Baby carrots,
    • Green chili slices,
    • Cranberry handfuls,
    • Four almonds (or similar beans),
    • Passion fruit
  • Provide nerves, liver and digestive system time to complete the digestion, to rest and begin general recovery; So the sugar will decrease absorbed in the blood, and to stop the fat or sugar processed all night in the liver (so the digestion is also clean).




Sleeping with an almost empty stomach – Get at least 6 or 7 hours or more of sleep time for nerve recovery time for all other systems to complete and rest. This will reduce the risk of diabetes, such as high blood sugar levels and increase blood pressure.

If you need help sleeping,

  • An antihistamine causes sleepiness and does not cause high blood pressure (HBP). Price for antihistamine is also cheap (e.g. ‘Chlortabs’ brand): chlorpheniramine maleate – also sold as ‘Chlortrimeton’ or ‘Coricidin-HBP’. (Do not consume sweet antihistamine syrups.)
  • Consume Valerian as it contains relaxing ingredients – helps with sleeping and as a pain reducer. If you get up too early, drink water and consume the second dose if four hours or more have passed since the first dose.
  • Consume calcium with magnesium and vitamin D3 and vitamin B, omega3, omega3-6-9. They all work together and make a lot of relaxation and other health benefits!
  • “A small portion of protein food” sleeping aids – for example, turkey or plain chicken, and almonds (rich in fiber!), Walnuts, pecans, sunflower seeds and pumpkins, pistachio, red beans with skin Nuts containing essential oils.
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