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How to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes? – Part 3

Change of the eating habit.

Food with high content of sugar as well as cholesterol, will increase the risk of pre-diabetes and the development of Type 2 diabetes. To increase the chances of preventing high-normal blood sugar (pre-diabetes) and restoring full body health, there are some dietary solutions that can be applied from today. The following dietary suggestions focus on eating orders.

  • Increase the daily portion of vegetables and fruits. Increase up to seven to nine servings of daily vegetables and fruits. Vegetables and fruits can be fresh, frozen, or dried, but better as much as possible to consume fresh products. Reduce the consumption of canned vegetables, because they have high sodium content.
  • Consume dark green vegetables (e.g. Spinach, Broccoli, and Brussels sprouts).
  • Orange/Red vegetables (e.g. Sweet potatoes, Carrots, Winter pumpkins and Pumpkins,).
  • Peas and Beans (e.g. Garbanzo beans, Black beans, Red beans, Lentils, Split peas,).
  • Consume good carbohydrates. Ignore cookies, fries, and other processed carbohydrates. Replace them with healthier carbohydrates such as fruits, vegetables, cereals and whole wheat bread. Look for products with good fiber content; Fiber has been shown to lower blood sugar and acts as a “cleanser” that slows down the digestive tract and glucose velocity enters the bloodstream.
  • Eat whole cereals, whole wheat rice, breakfast cereals with 100 percent wheat, whole wheat pasta, etc.
  • Eat whole wheat bread, bagels, ribbons, and tortillas.
  • Rid sugar from your drinks. Eliminate thirst with regular plain water. If you are concerned about the quality of water, buy a water filter. Soda, soft drinks, fruit juices, juice, fruit drinks, syrup, energy drinks, etc., these are all sources of invisible sugar that the body do not need. Leave sweetened drink and rely on regular plain drinking water, dairy products, soybean without sweeteners, oats, nuts, milk, etc. Soda water and sugar-free sparkling mineral water; some drops of lemon or fresh orange juice are enough to give a flavor to the drink. Coffee and tea can also be consumed but must be done without sugar. Stay diligent, because the body will initially go through a withdrawal state and crave for sugar until it is used to it.
  • Stopping snacking on sugar and processed carbohydrates (like white flour products) that almost instantly turn into sugar when consumed. Sugar comes in many forms, ranging from cookies, sweets, chocolates, to sweet biscuits and sweet yogurt. Sugar is cheap, it can satisfy hunger, it is good to eat after lunch, and can be eaten endlessly for fast energy improvement. You like to eat cookies or sweet snacks while working? Your blood sugar level will elevate quickly. Take fruit, cuts of vegetables, nuts, and other healthy products instead. Some nuts are a great substitute for chips and they are a great source of fiber, essential oils and proteins.
  • Avoid all the sweet foods, especially breakfast cereals. Choose cereals with a little sugar and made of 100 % wheat. Or replace with oatmeal, spinach, or other wheat products. Do your research and read a list of materials on all the products you will need to buy. If there is something you do not know what it means, look for the answer online! Always be careful about what you consume.
  • Eating healthy fats. Avoid false labels of “healthy fat”, such as olive oil that is often rancid when purchased. Instead, use coconut oil to cook, which has many nutritional benefits and will maintain the nutritional value after being heated.
  • Avocados are foods that are high in healthy fats. Avoid processed fats, hydrogenated, partially saturated, and vegetable oils (canola, corn, etc.).
  • Sweet food can only be allowed on special occasions. Many of us cannot refrain from sweet and fatty foods and consume them regularly in our daily diet. In the past, humans only enjoyed sweet meals on special occasions like parties and celebrations. However, nowadays sweet food is almost always there when you’re craving for it. Remain healthy and not merely use food as a stress support. Eat moderately, never eat too much of anything, because even too much of something good will be bad.
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