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Lower Blood Sugar Levels with Diet – Method 3

Method 3: Handling Type 2 Diabetes Monitor blood glucose levels Discuss with the doctor to determine the monitoring cycle and frequency. Depending on the treatment plan, the doctor may advise you to test and record blood glucose levels several times a day or every week.     Pay attention Pay attention to the pattern of […]

Lower Blood Sugar Levels with Diet – Method 2

Method 2: Make Plans Knowing how much calories to consume per day This can prevent you from taking excessive foods that lead to excess sugar into the blood. Consume 1,200 to 1,600 calories worth of food per day if you are a small woman, medium-sized women who want to lose weight, or medium-sized women who […]

How to Reduce Blood Sugar With Diet – Method 1, Part 2

Eat oatmeal. Unprocessed oatmeal is digested more slowly, which prevents blood sugar levels from rising rapidly while supplying your physical body with energy that it needs. Lentils and beans are great too. (Many people find this food hard to digest and produce lots of gas before their digestion systems are used to it) These nutritious […]

How to Reduce Blood Sugar Level with Diet – Method 1, Part 1

Why? High blood sugar level can cause many health related problems. Most often, this will lead to diabetes, especially for people who come from a family with a history of diabetes. Diabetes should be monitored carefully especially from their diet to prevent their blood sugar level from becoming too high or too low. People who […]

How to Reduce A1C Levels? – Method 4

Method 4: Visit your Health Service Provider regularly Make appointments with your doctor Attend every doctor’s appointment from the health care provider because only they can ensure your health status. Healthcare providers will assist in monitoring A1C and blood glucose levels, as well as provide the care needed to help handle and improve the diabetes […]

How to Reduce A1C Levels? – Method 3

Method 3: Managing Stress levels and Anxiety Relaxation techniques Research shows that high level of stress anxiety will lead to harmful effects on your overall health, especially the heart, which can aggravate diabetes. Perform activities such as yoga, deep breathing, or meditation can calm the body and mind, and reduce anxiety and stress levels. Listen […]

How to Reduce A1C Levels? – Method 2

Method 2: Exercise Often Undergo physical activity for 30 minutes each day. Physical activity can naturally lower blood glucose levels, improve cardiovascular health, boost energy level, and contribute to weight loss. At the same time, diabetic patients who often exercise will have better control on their blood glucose levels. It also shows a better A1C […]

How to Reduce A1C Levels? – Method 1

What is A1C Levels? It is a form of sugar found in our body. A1C is measured routinely in people that live with diabetes, both Type 1 and Type 2. A1C is commonly used to help determine the average blood glucose levels of diabetics from the previous months, as well as to help healthcare providers […]

How to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes? – Part 5

Emotional causes Consider going to a psychologist if you have a basic emotional problem that causes you to eat too much or eat unhealthily.     Late night snacks Ask a physician how to lower your blood sugar and insulin needs during sleep (day or night): do not eat heavy meals/foods before bedtime, only take […]

How to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes? – Part 4

Eating Habits If you change your eating habits aiming to become healthier, losing weight will be much easier. Eating healthily and exercising well leads to weight loss. Keep in mind that health goals are meant for longer and healthier life and the fact that overweight people will lower the risk of diabetes by 70 percent […]

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